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Dance with Georgia!

Ballet, Brazilian Samba, & Belly Dance classes & Live Entertainment and Events

Making room for new costumes so I've got to let a few things go! All costumes have only been worn a couple of times and are very clean from non smoking home.

For purchasing contact me @

1.Royal Purple Joharah costume $300
bra- 35" across, cup 8 diag, 7 across
skirt- 37' long, 30-40"waist with lots of little crystals sewn on and sequined trim
Belt in 2 pieces up to 39.5" long
comes with two armlets 20" long, 9" at top, 6" at the bottom

3.Hamsa cover up $20Small- 56" long shoulder to floor, 20.5" wideMedium same length, 21.5" wide

4.Pink ruffle skirt $30
up to 40"waist
38" long

6.Black skirt w/ feather trim and slit $30
38" long


7.Blue and Yellow costume $70
skirt- 40" long, 24" wide plus 2-4" stretch
Bra- cup 8" diagonal, 6 across, 11" strap to wrap around back

8.Sequins and beads set $200
Bra- 34C
Belt- 35"

9.Hot Pink & White head dress $50










For costumes, zills, props, music and more.......


Turquoise Int'l

Gilded Serpant

Just a few books I've read and highly recommend

The Belly Dance Handbook- An inside look on being a professional dancer, plus tips and tools, do's and don'ts.

The Belly Dance Reader- a collection of works and essays from leaders in our Middle Eastern Belly Dance community

Middle Eastern Dance- I absolutely LOVE this book!  A fantastic reference on dances of the Middle Eastern organized by region, explaining religious and cultural perspectives.  A MUST read!

Music in Egypt- by Scott L. Marcus- Associate Professor of Music at University of Ca. Santa Barbara.  This is a very user friendly book that explains the complexities of Middle Eastern music, differentiates the rhythms, including cultural traditions.  This book is accompanied by an 80 minute CD including educational tracks of rhythm samples, maqam and more.  This is a must have for understanding and dancing to Middle Eastern music.

Here's what you can expect to learn in Dance with Georgia Level 1 Belly Dance

Level 1 Belly Dance Syllabus

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